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White Nigella Orientalis Bunch

White Nigella Orientalis Bunch

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Also known as 'Love in the Mist' this neutral Bleach White Nigella Orientalis is a must have any home decor! It goes with and colour scheme, we LOVE it.

This bunch of bleach white Nigella is ideal for adding shape to a flower bouquet, add to a vase and admire! 

Note: to achieve this on-trend neutral colour these dried flowers have been carefully bleached which can cause a temporary aroma. 

As this bunch of flowers are dried they don't need any watering. Simply keep away from moisture and heat, and they will last for months if not years! 

How about getting super creative? Involving it in a DIY project to create your own wedding, event or home decorations. 

On average around 40-50 stems in each bunch, please note they are bunched by hand so this can vary.

Stems are around 25-30cm long, as they are naturally grown length can vary.