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Cerise Pink Pampas Grass
Cerise Pink Pampas Grass

Cerise Pink Pampas Grass

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Stunning Rich Cerise Pink Long Pampas Grass for your home decor!

This listing is for a single stem. 

Pop this super long Pampas Grass in a vase and admire! It will add a gorgeous touch of glam to your chosen room!


How about getting super creative? Involving it in a DIY project to create your own wedding, event or home decorations. 

Dried flowers make a lovely keepsake item for years to come, so why not gift it to your favourite person. 

This is as a single stem, if you are wanting more than 1 stem just increase the quantity. Each stem fluffs out to make a huge impact!

To create this rich amazing colour, this pampas grass has been painted. Be careful when handling or moving this pampas grass as shedding is completely natural. 

Stems are around 90cm long.

We have many Dried Flower options available, just take a look!