Coral Biodegradable Wedding Petal Confetti - 1 Litre (8-10 Handfuls) – Flower Confetti


Coral Classic Confetti Mix
Coral Classic Confetti Mix
Coral Classic Confetti Mix
Coral Classic Confetti Mix

Coral Classic Confetti Mix

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All our Flower Confetti is 100 % Biodegradable, Dye-free and Eco-friendly. Grown in Great Britain! 

1 Litre = 8-10 Handfuls
2 Litres = 16-20 Handfuls
3 Litres = 24-30 Handfuls

This Coral classic wedding confetti has beautiful yellow  and pink tones, making it perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding.

🌸Classic Confetti Rangis a mixture of petite and premium petals in small range of colours. If you are looking for a confetti mix in a prettier colour or higher petal quality, then take little look at our Premium Range.

🌸Premium Range This includes our highest quality petals, perfect and slow falling, comes in a beautiful range of colours. The best confetti to capture that epic confetti shot!

These properties create a wonderful layered effect, which is ideal for your photography to capture the ultimate confetti snapshot! 📷
All petals come in a clear bag, but will fluff up when opened. Once received please store out of direct sunlight and damp conditions. 
1 Litre bag: 6cm (h) x 9cm (l) x 0.5 (w) - branded recyclable bag
5 Litre bag: 24cm (h) x 34cm (l) x 4cm (w) - unbranded transparent bag
If this Coral Classic Confetti is not for you, then check out the other confetti colours and products we have available! 🤩