Mixed Colours Premium Confetti - 1 Litre

Mixed Colours Premium Confetti - 1 Litre

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All our Flower Confetti is 100 % Biodegradable, Dye-free and Eco-friendly. Grown in Great Britain! ✔

1 Litre = 8-10 Handfuls
2 Litres = 16-20 Handfuls
3 Litres = 24-30 Handfuls

This Mixed Colours premium wedding confetti is a mixture of different colour variations - it's beautiful! Great choice if you can't decide on what confetti colour to choose. 

When to order
Order up to 12 months before your big day. The petals should keep for up 12 months when stored aware from heat, moisture and direct light. 

Premium Petals are all delphinium and wildflower petals, which are the highest quality petals available. 

This Mixed Colours is a mix of any leftover petal mixes we have, so colour may vary from the photo slightly.

When thrown they slowly fall to the ground leaving your wedding photographer plenty of time to capture the ultimate confetti snapshot! 📷

➡ All petals come in a flat bag, but will fluff up when opened. Once received please store out of direct sunlight and damp conditions.

If Mixed Colours is not for you or you fancy a specific colour, then check out the other confetti colours and products we have available! 🤩