Ruby Crush
Ruby Crush
Ruby Crush
Ruby Crush
Ruby Crush

Ruby Crush

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100% Biodegradable, Dye-free and Eco-friendly Wedding Confetti!

Ruby Crush is a mix of rich red and burgundy hand torn rose petals. We love this rich and lush looking combo of petals for autumn and winter weddings; proposals, anniversaries and celebrations. 

The colour can vary from bag to bag which makes the petal mix much more interesting and unique. 

How much do I need?

One day is 1 litre of petals, that's enough for 8-10 handfuls.

If you're using the petals for throwing over newlyweds, try and get enough for at least half your guests to throw. eg. 40 guests = 2 litres. 

When thrown they slowly fall to the ground leaving your wedding photographer plenty of time to capture the ultimate confetti snapshot! 📷 

How does it arrive?

All petals come in a flat bag, but will fluff up when opened. Once received please store out of direct sunlight and damp conditions. 

When to order your Confetti?

You can order up to 1 year ahead of your wedding day. These petals will keep fine for up to 12 months, just make sure to keep them away from pesky heat, moisture and direct sunshine. 

If this petal mix isn't quite your cup of tea, then check out the other confetti colours and products we have available! 🤩