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Ruby Rose Petals - 1 Litre
Ruby Rose Petals - 1 Litre

Ruby Rose Petals - 1 Litre

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All our Flower Confetti is 100 % Biodegradable, Dye-free and Eco-friendly ✔

1 Litre = 8-10 Handfuls

This gorgeous mix of red rose petals is perfect for a red themed wedding. The red petals will add a vibrant and romantic pop of colour to your special day. These biodegradable red rose petals are also perfect for a summer wedding! 

Our biodegradable confetti is completely natural ensuring that there is no damage done to the environment. Biodegradable wedding confetti is now an expectation by most wedding venues. If you want to make sure that your wedding venue is ok with our confetti then order a confetti sample from us today and you can take it with you when you go to view your wedding venue.

This mix of red rose petals can also be used on romantic occasions such as proposals and anniversaries, or even at a loved ones funeral.

➡ All petals come in a flat bag, but will fluff up when opened. Once received please store out of direct sunlight and damp conditions. The petals will hold their shape and colour for up to 6 months.
If this mix of Ruby Rose Petals is not for you, then check out the other confetti colours and products we have available! 🤩